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Optimize Licensing Costs. Increase Security

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Increased licensing costs. Security. Breaches. Hackers. Budget cuts. Downsizing. 

These are amongst some of the most worrying words that enterprises and managers can hear.  And, yet, they are a part of day to day terminology- whether whispered behind  soundproof board room doors, discussed openly by upper management or colleagues addressing them casually over the water cooler.  Whether we like it or not, these issues are front and center, day in, day out.  

In these difficult economic times, corporations have downsized staff; eliminated raises and bonuses for existing employees and have halted purchasing of equipment.  As the hunt to find areas where corporate spending can still be cut, departments are fighting to reallocate costs to other departmental budgets or geographic locations.

But there are always options, aren't there?  There is always one area everyone knows is costly but everyone skims over it. Business Applications like SAP and Oracle.  Companies cannot run globally without them, but they are expensive and complex systems.

So why do enterprises quickly skim over and across this area? Because Business Applications are complicated to understand and to control.  Most attempts at analyzing are costly, extremely time consuming and demand a lot of man power-and enterprises with less staff and less resources are scrambling and remain in the Catch 22 of it.  Need to cut costs; to cut costs, need to expend a lot of resources to analyze; can’t use so many resources right now but need to cut costs….and so on and so on.  A lot of confusion, pressure and frustration.

So, as a CIO, CISO, Authorization Manager, Security Manager or other top tier titan, what can YOU do to gain control, increase security, optimize licenses and decrease TCO, ASAP?

Gartner recently suggested, that when dealing with, for instance, SAP systems “Understand SAP’s business-oriented way to define usage and select the minimum usage for the majority of users.”

Most organizations have far too many users with too many authorized roles.  How, as Gartner suggests, can a manager know how to select the minimum usage for the majority of users; How can the users themselves become more responsible and careful?

What strategy can management formulate in their enterprises in order to decrease costs without additional downsizing?, How can they optimize the resources on hand and reduce extraneous resources?

By taking back control over budgetary expenditures; By expanding their views over their business applications and reassessing actual usage; By taking stock of licensing types being paid for and determining how many  are dormant, how many are unused and can easily be reallocated to other users in lieu of additional purchases; and how many licenses can be downgraded from the costliest Professional license and downgraded to Limited Professional or Employee licenses instead; By decreasing roles authorized to decrease risks.  So much can be done, but there is so little time to get it done in.

Our ProfileTailor Suite of solutions-

-Tightens controls over user permissions in order to minimize granting excessive authorizations.
-Segregates which users need which designated roles streamlining and reducing risk of security breaches
-Seamlessly detects unnecessary licenses.
-Provides real-time security alerts
-Installation time- In most cases 1-2 days
-Disruption to Business Applications running- NONE. Our products run externally and in parallel to your systems.
-Impact- Immediate

Our entire suite of products work by reviewing and assessing actual usage, all in real-time.


Yoav Michaeli joined Xpandion in 2008 as a team leader, and in 2010 Mr. Michaeli began managing the entire Research & Development group of the company. Prior to joining Xpandion, Mr. Michaeli served in an elite technological unit of the Israeli Defense Forces as a team leader for various key military projects. Among other achievements, he was instrumental in pioneering the use of advanced .NET technologies for large scale distributed systems. Mr. Michaeli is an expert in programming, agile development, application security and specialized programming techniques.


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