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When SAP® users get sleepy

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“Dormant” SAP users

Some licensing-optimization tools for SAP, including ProfileTailor LicenseAuditor claim that they can identify “dormant user accounts”. Some customers don’t understand what this means and say – we identify dormant user accounts by ourselves – just look at table ‘USR02’ and see the “last logon date” – what more do I get from Xpandion?

To expand a bit about a “Dormant User Account” and share Xpandion’s view of this term, I want to emphasize how you can optimize your SAP licensing by finding lesser-used “dormant” user accounts.

One definition for “dormant” is: “marked by a suspension of activity, temporarily in abeyance yet capable of being activated” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). In the common definition, a “dormant username” is a user who is inactive for a period of time, however still requires a username in SAP licensing. As SAP licensing is based on “named users”, each user, including the dormant ones, requires a named user. Therefore, eliminating dormant user accounts can free up many licenses.


Xpandion’s definition of a dormant user is more attached to the “field” itself rather than the textbook definition.  In our concept, “Dormant Users” are both inactive users (e.g. the last login date is less than three months ago) however it also includes users with very low activity; for example, users that might use one report per month or logs into the system twice in two months. Those kinds of users are wasting SAP licenses, as they don’t really “use” the system as it was intended. Those kinds of users cannot be identified by the standard “last logon date” inspection, as their logon date is always too close. In order to identify them you must use usage-based methods, as used in LicenseAuditor.

When “dormant users” are identified by LicenseAuditor, the client should consider eliminating their username and offer an appropriate solution for their needs.

Customers choose different approaches to solve this challenge; For example, some customers replaced SAP functionality done by SAP GUI with the same functionality done by a portal page – thus reducing the level (and price) of the username involved. Another example by other customers is to designate a dedicated person (such as a department administrator) to produce the required report instead of the “dormant user” itself. Each customer must supply a solution to those “dormant users” after eliminating the usernames based on their flavor and concepts.

Dror Aviv joined Xpandion in 2010 as a programmer in the R&D team. Combining technical knowledge with implementation skills, Mr. Aviv serves today as a Senior Implementation Advisor, bringing with him extensive hands-on experience from the field. He works closely with customers at their sites, and is an expert in defining customer needs, translating them into business process and implementing them via ProfileTailor Dynamics’ suite of products.


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