8 Tips for a SAP Licensing Audit (SAP Licensing Series Part 1/3)

8 Tips for a SAP Licensing Audit (SAP Licensing Series Part 1/3)

moshe panzerOnce a year you receive an email reminding you that the time has come (again) to file your company’s SAP licensing report. Whether received directly from your regional SAP office or forwarded to you by your manager, an email mentioning an impending SAP audit is a stressful prospect in any organization. You are compelled to face decisions and actions regarding reconciling all users and their corresponding licensing types, reassessing and evaluating the status-quo of licenses or reallocating numerous licenses.

The price range of the different SAP licenses is huge. Professional type license costs 25 times more than an Employee Self Service type license. This means that allocating incorrect licenses can result in a 6-9 figure; a very expensive mistake! Therefore, as stressful as making decisions may be, it is also essential to get them right. Thorough pre-audit analysis facilitates accurate decisions, which leads to optimized saving possibilities.

Begin the journey to your successful SAP audit with the help of the following 8 tips. Take it tip by tip:



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