Security & Authorizations

Emergency Access

Unique emergency access process.


More and more companies realize that IT teams require occasional access to production environments. At the same time, such access to production systems poses a potential security breach and typically entails a significant deficiency in auditor reports. If your company wishes to set an emergency access process in place, ProfileTailor Emergency Access is the ideal tool. It delivers unmatched capabilities in monitoring activity in production environment and documenting the entire process for further inspection.


  • Seamless integration, no changes to SAP, no codes added.
  • Requester’s own username is used, facilitating straightforward inspection.
  • Ongoing monitoring of user while in production environment for maximum security.
  • Powerful roles are allocated, yet access to irrelevant data is denied.
  • Roles are selected automatically, based on the type of task required.


  • Runs various security tests to determine if emergency access request is reasonable. If some tests fail, additional approval by security administrators is required.
  • Ongoing monitoring of activity with immediate alerts sent for any suspicious activity or access to sensitive data.
  • Username is automatically closed and locked by the system after a custom-defined time and the extra authorizations are removed.
  • Detailed report of user activity is sent to defined manager and a copy is kept for future inspection purposes.



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