SAP Audits: Jargon and Preparation

SAP Audits: Jargon and Preparation

What Is an SAP Audit and What Does It Include?

In general, when somebody says that they have an SAP Audit, it can be interpreted as mainly two things: Either they have an audit by SAP, which is probably a licensing-related SAP Audit, or they have an audit of their SAP system (to distinguish it from other applications within the organization), which would be conducted by internal or external auditors and focused on Segregation of Duties and regulations.

SAP Audit Meeting

This article will deal with both. If you have an SAP Audit coming in the next few months and you don’t know what to do, this is the article for you. If you do know what to do, but you want to know how other customers prepare for an SAP Audit, again, this is the article for you. You can choose to read only about either SAP Licensing Audits or SAP Audits for GRC and SoD regulations, but as each topic has unique tips & tricks, you might find reading both valuable.

During the years we have helped many customers prepare for and conduct successful SAP Audits, so we know what we’re talking about. Our first hand experience and knowledge has been compiled into publications, eBooks and blog posts, which we’ll point you to as well.

SAP Audits for GRC, SoD and Compliance with Financial Regulations

Having an “SAP Audit for Segregation of Duties conflicts” or an “SAP Audit for GRC compliance” are terms that describe an internal or external audit for checking compliance with financial regulations. If you’re about to have such an audit, start by reading our materials in order to be familiar with the terminology and with the tips that successful customers have generously agreed to share. Some of our materials related to GRC Audits are tagged as “Security & authorizations” because a good auditor needs to check that you are aware of the risks beyond the SoD rule-sets and that you have proper controls in place for them.

authorization review book cover.png.pagespeed.ce.9CzrcVjioB

Start by reading our most successful eBook about "How to conduct a successful Authorization Review process." This will give you an in-depth overview about a process that you’re surely required to perform, even if not immediately.

Then continue by reading our relevant blogs on GRC:

  1. 5 Astonishing Truths about GRC in SAP Environments
  2. The Concept of Isolation
  3. How Much Money Do You Have?
  4. Control GRC and Segregation of Duties in Your Organization – It's Your Duty!

Conclude by reading our successful blog posts about sensitive objects and risks:

  1. The Three Top Authorization Objects: What Are They?
  2. Granting SAP_ALL to Everybody – Crazy or Not?
  3. Do You Know What to Do In Case of an Emergency?

SAP Audits for Licensing

An SAP Audit for Licensing is conducted by SAP for the purpose of ensuring that your SAP licensing allocation is compliant with your contract, and to determine whether you are paying the right amount for your SAP licensing. Preparing for such an audit can be a large, daunting task. The process usually begins with a letter from SAP asking you to prepare an output file. Our advice to you in that particular moment when you receive that letter is to sit back, relax, and read the following materials in order. They’ll give you a detailed plan of how to conduct a successful SAP Licensing Audit, what to expect, and how to save on your current situation even before performing the audit itself.

Start here:

  1. SAP Licensing Quick Guide
  2. Tips for a Successful SAP Licensing Audit: Getting into the Right Mind Set (SAP Licensing Series Part 1/3)
  3. SAP Audits – 6 Steps to Prepare Real Use Data (SAP Licensing Series Part 2/3)
  4. SAP Audit Pre-Flight Checklist (SAP Licensing Series Part 3/3)

These articles will put you in the world of the SAP Licensing Audit and will enable you to speak the same jargon as your auditors. If terms like “SAP ESS” and “duplicate user accounts” sound strange to you, these are a definite must read.

Then read the blog posts:

  1. SAP Licenses - How Many Different Types Do You Know?
  2. 6 Surprising Facts about SAP Licensing
  3. 10 Ways to Make Your Upcoming SAP Licensing Audit Easier
  4. Two Simple Ways to Change a User’s SAP License Type – in Detail

Reading the blog posts will give you some tricks and a deeper view on special topics that can arise during your SAP Audit. They were written by our people with solid field experience and are based on real customers accounts.

Conclude your SAP Licensing Audit education by reading our complete eBook about conducting a successful SAP Audit for licensing. The more you repeat the material, the more your chances of succeeding in your SAP Audit improve.



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